> 1650 Extra Series Automatic Diecutting Machine

Extra series automatic diecutting & creasing machines are upgraded classic Eterna products, enjoying a high reputation among customers. The machines are new upgraded, same as Maxcut lead edge feeder, more accurate and positive feeding. Extra series can handle E, B,C,A and AB flute corrugated board (1~9 mm) smoother. The feeder section which is more intelligent is suitable for running materials like not only the common printed corrugated board, but also litho-laminated board.

360彩票网官网We adopt the advanced centerline system which makes the cutting die and stripping die centered quickly. For normal cutting die, it takes only 7-8 minutes to set up. The sheet size, especially the sheet direction, is 1200 mm which can meet the demand of make-up, improving the working efficiency.

360彩票网官网Meeting the demands of every customer with personalized service is what we Eterna people always keep doing. You can customize the feeding accuracy and delivery section mode. 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines guarantees the stability.

> 1650 Action Series Automatic Diecutting Machine

360彩票网官网The look of action series automatic diecutting & creasing machines is designed by the Group. We paid close attention to the ergonomics, thus the machine is more compact and easy to use.

360彩票网官网Action series sheet feeding grid height are adjustable according to sheet quality and thickness for smooth and precise feeding. Equipped with 10.4’ color touch screen operation panel gives total control of the machine and graphic display machine parameters, job setting, fault diagnosis and etc., more direct and operator friendly. The maximum mechanical speed is 5800 cycles/hour, more efficient and productive.

> 1650 Elite Series Automatic Diecutting Machine

360彩票网官网Elite series automatic diecutting & creasing machines adopt Group advanced technology, which achieve high levels of diecutting productivity and high mechanical speed up tp 6000 cycles/hour.

360彩票网官网The Eterna flat bed die-cutter press size can be enlarged from 1620mm to 1650mm. We invented the technology with Bobst, invested heavily in research and development and manufacturing Elite series with high quality components, which ensure smooth feeding, accurate die and high automation level.

> MIRROR MACHINES Dual Diecutter Working Station

360彩票网官网Elite and Action models are designed with an option of combining two machines as “Mirror”. The mirror means space saving and reducing one skilled operator, hence cost saving.

> 2100 Series Fully-automatic Diecutting & Creasing Machines

360彩票网官网To meet the needs of large sheet size, we provide the maximum sheet size of 2100mm×1300mm to give extra options.

Dynamic torque servo motor driven differential speed belt lead edge feeder with extended feeding table, side alignment and pneumatic side push jogger ensure the smooth feeding. Spring loaded adjustable chain tension back buffering wheel to maintain the chain tension constant and smooth gripper bar movement. Lead edge waste removal system saves labor. Every element of Eterna die-cutters has been developed with productivity and quality in mind.

> 1620/2100 Series Semi-auto Diecutting & Creasing Machines

To meet customers’ demand, Eterna offers cost-effective semi-automatic diecutting & creasing machines, the maximum sheet size reaches 2100×1300mm. famous brand components ensure the quality and good performance. Semi-automatic die-cutters are equipped with stripping function and thus, improve working efficiency.

All semi-auto diecutting machines are with high pile delivery system with auto pile lifter. You can directly pack the corrugated boards, quick and convenient.


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