Automatic Folding Carton Diecutting & Creasing Machines

BRAUSSE 1050SDi Automatic Diecutting Machine with Stripping Alternative


  • Patent turbo spiral air blower pressing foot at feeder head.

  • Four pick up and four forward suck heads with angle adjustment.

  • Preloading device with rail cart and scaled gate.

  • ŸNon – stop feeder with automatic pile lift.

  • ŸLeft and right side turbo air blower.

  • Motorized side adjustment of pallet table.

  • Electrical double sheet control.

  • Fine air blast at lead edge for smooth thin paper transport.

  • Sheet slow down device of feeder belts to assure accurate position of the sheet to the front lays with selective on/off switch.

  • Synchronizing device to adjust the sheet positioning to the front lay by hand during production.

  • Bullet catcher on the feeder entrance.

  • Side lays on both sides push and pull convertible.

  • Electronic side lay control to check the sheet position.

  • Four individually adjustable front lays with dial read out at the operation side of the machine.

  • Two electronic front lay controls by means of Omron Glasfiber optik to control the sheet arrival.

  • Photo sensor safety barrier at pallet table floor level touching point.

Die cutting Section

  • Precision worm gear crank toggle driving system to ensure smooth and dynamic lower platen movement.

  •  Precision stationery upper & mobile platen with optimized structure to reduce deformation under pressure hence less make ready & quick change over.

  •  5mm hardened cutting plate (Hardness HRC 45-50º) with X and Y direction micro adjustment.

  • (±0.9 each way) on top of 15mm base plate with center line to ensure precision creaser positioning and quick change over. (4mm+1mm hardened sandwich plate as optional. Hardness HRC 45-50º)

  • Pneumatic push button diechase locking mechanism to ensure safe and operator friendly changing of the die.

  • Pneumatic clutch/brake for main drive system.

  • Ÿ A/C motor drive impression on/off by button.

  • ŸDigital diecutting pressure tonnage display with maximum pressure limit protection of latest technology.

  • ŸSeven high precision alloy gripper bar.

  • High quality pre – stretched gripper bar driving chain.

  • ŸState – of – art 3 cam index gripper bar driving system to ensure smooth and precise gripper bar intermittent movement.

  • ŸTorque limit safety clutch to protect the index driving system in case of gripper bar crash.

  • Double cam driven gripper opener and front lay swing frame without position restore spring for smooth and accurate sheet register and take off.

  • Air blasting nozzle bar for stretching the thin paper before die cutting.

  • One push button pneumatic activated safety door of die cutting section, more operator friendly.

Stripping Section

  • Triple action movement of the upper and lower stripping frames with lower spring loaded stripping pins.

  • ŸMotorized upper frame suspending hoister.

  • Upper and lower stripping tool mounting frame can be pulled out for job set up and make ready.

  • ŸRemote control operation panel for jogging the upper frame up and down, easy and safe stripping tool set up and alignment.

  • Quick stripping tool exchange device (optional).

  • Mechanical disconnecting of lower stripping frame when it is not in use.

  • One push button pneumatic activated safety door of stripping section, more operator friendly.                                                                                                           

Delivery Section

  • Automatic delivery with non – stop curtain. This curtain moves into the delivery to catch the arriving sheets during the pile exchange.

  • ŸFive section brush brake each section angle adjustable individually.

  • ŸAir blower to press down the sheets.

  • ŸRear and side joggers with easy position adjustment.

  • Gripper edge stripping and removing system with conveyor belt to remove the gripper edge waste sideways to the drive side.

  • ŸTape inserter with counter.

  • ŸSafety device to prevent the steel pile plate from clamping on the foot when it reaches at ground level.


Specifications for diecutting:

Maximum die cutting   size

1040 x 720 mm

(Maximum   cutting size can be reached at 1040 x 730 mm when the quick locking system is   dismantled from the die chase)

Inner size of chase

1080   x 745 mm

Dimensions   diecutting plate

1080   x 736 mm

ŸMaximum diecutting   pressure

300   T

ŸMaximum mechanical   speed

7500 cycles/hour

ripper   margin

8-16 mm

(subject to working environment, sheet quality and operation   skills, etc.)

Cutting   Rule Height

23.8 mm

General specifications:

Total power required

20 KW

Power voltage


Net Weight of Machine

16 tons

Machine   Dimensions

7075(L) x 4155(W) x 2235(H) mm  

(incl. Catwalk & Preloading   rails)

Specification of paper stock range:

Maximum sheet size

1050 x 750 mm

Minimum sheet size

400   x 360 mm

Stock range

a. Paper/cardboard

80g/m2 –   600g/m2

(subject to quality   of the paper)

b. Corrugated board

Up to 4mm   thickness (subject to quality of the corrugated board)


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